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What is HangOn?

HangOn is a chewable tablet and dietary supplement that contains a proprietary formula consisting of 8 antioxidants and amino acids. HangOn supports liver function and promotes detoxification. HangOn is not a pharmaceutical or medicine.

How Does HangOn Work?

A rough morning after a night out results from more than mere dehydration. Toxic byproducts of alcohol, such as acetaldehyde, build up in your body throughout the night and make you feel less than your normal, productive self the next morning. 

HangOn contains dihydromyricetin, n-acetyl-cysteine, milk thistle, prickly pear, taurine, and other antioxidants and amino acids. One function of these ingredients is to boost your liver's ability to produce glutathione, a highly effective antioxidant that helps you metabolize acetaldehyde into a less toxic state. HangOn's formula and design is tailor-made to help your body maximize glutathione and minimize acetaldehyde.

What Does HangOn (Pronounced "Hang-On") Mean?

HangOn is designed to be taken before you drink. If you're like us, before you step out into the sunny beach, you instinctively say "Hang on! I need to apply sun screen!" Similarly, we foresee a world where people preparing to drink will say "Hang on! I need my HangOn!"

Also, given that the genesis of our idea as well as one of the main active ingredients in HangOn, came from South Korea, we decided to pay homage to our origin story in our name. HangOn thus has deeper meaning than merely "hang on". Han (한) stands for the first syllable in Korean for the Korean written language. Gon (간) is the Korean word for "liver". Together, they create HangOn.

How Is HangOn Packaged?

To promote convenience, we've designed HangOn to be consumed without swallowing pills, chugging big bottles or even having water. We wanted to create a portable and shareable product. While our beta-version will be in single serving packets, our full production run will be packaged in a form similar to a slim pack of gum (think Dentyne ice). Be on the lookout for a visual update on packaging!

What Does HangOn Taste Like?

Great! Our beta-version is citrus flavored. We intend to introduce more flavors as we ramp up production if such flavors meet our high standards.

How Many Tablets Do I Take?

We suggest users take two tablets (1 serving) at least 30 minutes prior to their first alcoholic drink. This should be enough for up to three to four alcoholic drinks. Thereafter, users should take an extra two tablets for every three additional alcoholic drinks (yes, you can take HangOn while you hang out!).

Why Do I Need To Take HangOn Before Drinking?

HangOn is designed to boost your body's ability to detox and feel great by providing the building blocks your liver needs to fight the lingering effects of alcohol the next morning. The body's natural process can take time and therefore it is best to give your body a few extra hours with HangOn before the toxins build up while you are drinking.

Can I Take HangOn After Drinking?

Yes. We designed Hangon to be portable, convenient, available and shareable when you most need it HangOn that it gives your body the most amount of time to process the toxins. However, sometimes people just won't have it with them or will forget. In such cases, we recommend taking HangOn before sleeping. HangOn was not designed to be taken in the morning after your night out.

Is HangOn Safe?

Yes, both our samples and full production runs will be FDA compliant and manufactured in the United States in a certified facility.  The formula has been created in consultation with medical professionals and scientists.

Can I Take HangOn If I Am Taking Other Medications?

Although HangOn is safe, any individual with particular concerns should consult a physician before taking HangOn, especially if taken with other medications.

Will HangOn Prevent Me From Getting Drunk?

HangOn is not designed to prevent you from intoxication.  Please drink responsibly.

I Have Other Questions, How Do I Contact The HangOn Team?

Email us at info@tryhangon.com.

What's Next?

We're gearing up for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finance the full production run. Please join our waitlist and we'll keep you posted by email. Also, follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.